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: [SOLVED] Keyless entry and rear hatch problems.

08-31-2013, 03:11 PM
I have a 2004 envoy. Yesterday when I tried to lock the doors there was No response. Normally this happens when one of the doors is not closed properly. When I went back to check the doors, I noticed the interior lights were on. I opened and closed all of the doors and the rear hatch and window. The lights never went off, so I used the dome light override to shut them off. I also used the door button to lock the doors, but noticed that the rear hatch did not lock. The "gate ajar" light is not on. I am thinking it is a broken wire going to the rear. I checked the wiring between the body and the hatch, but everything looked OK. Any ideas?

09-16-2013, 08:43 PM
Try pushing the lock button 3 times.

09-16-2013, 08:54 PM
I figured it out. There was a broken wire between the body and the lift gate. Orange wire.