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: I Need HELP with A wiring diagram for overhead oem dvd flip screen

02-21-2009, 12:53 AM
Hey form, I just got a hold of the factory panasonic overhead 7 in flip dvd screen with head sets & remote & the cut ends of the harness, I've already figured out one harness which controls the lights, no biggie! But before I fry up my $200 bucks playing with the other wires that control the power for the screen, I thought I would ask for help! There are (6) wires (1) black thinking ground, (2) orange thinking memory or 12v constant, (3) yellow/black stripe as accessory, these are just guess as they may be the other way around, Now come 3 more wires that I have no ideal what they go to! (4) Green/white stripe, (5) Black/white stripe, (6) dark Gray or Brown with/white stripe cannot tell the color!!! The model no is # 15821036 Can I get Any help with this wiring !!! THANKS :hail:

the roadie
02-21-2009, 01:12 AM
Black - gnd
Orange - +12 constant
Yellow/black - class II serial data link
Brown/White - left audio
Green/White - right audio
Black/White - Audio common (use as a shield for the left/right audio coax)

02-21-2009, 01:33 AM
:thumbsup: THANKS Roadie, your one in a million, I have one more question for you, I'm guessing the Class II serial data link would also be the remote turn on? by sendind data? Would you have any clue where the other end of this would be heading to get it's info? ie: like the back of the radio or something like that? Is so ! any pin & or wire colors to look for, as well my audio feeds, I'm driving blind as to where they go, I'm thinking somewhere to the back of the radio, but do you any other extra info for e, Thanks Again :thx

the roadie
02-21-2009, 01:45 AM
Yeah, the serial data is used by the head unit to control the DVD (or for the DVD to tell the radio that somebody's inserted a DVD), but I don't have that option myself so I'm not sure if all head units have the capability. It may also be that a dealer has to configure the radio to talk to the DVD.

Let's see if we hear from anybody else who added a factory DVD unit.

The audio coax also goes to the back of the radio, so if you have to buy wires, and start snaking them through the headliner - just get ready for that and I can give you the pinouts from the shop manual later.

What head unit do you currently have?

02-21-2009, 02:01 AM
Yes the pin outs would be great, as I'm already figurung on adding the basic (4) four wires to run to the radio, as my 2002 envoy didnt come with this dvd or the Nav radio, I've already installed the 05 touch screen Nav radio a while back, & I'm just clearing the way to install this screen as it's been sitting collectin a lil dust, but I have the radio that was with this dvd player out of the rolled over tb, so hopefully I can just add the (4) wires to the pin outs to make the screen come alive, as I just finshed hooking up 12v to it off a battery, although I do have power, the dvd will go in & come out, but will not show up on screen, I'm sure it needs the serial data link!:duh:

the roadie
02-22-2009, 05:28 PM
Left Audio goes to the radio Pin J
Right audio to pin H
Audio common to pin K
Shield to pin C

That radio connector C2 has pinouts as follows:


Connector Key between C and D

The serial data link goes to an unusual connector I traced for curiosity a few years ago. Under the rear seat, passenger side, there's a C-shaped slice in the carpet. Underneath is a thing called SP (Splice Pack) 306 where all the serial data link wiring comes together in the rear of the vehicle. There is a similar one under the driver's side dash closeout (knee) panel. All it does is collect and short out the serial data links.

This might seem useless until you think about how hard it would be to troubleshoot a data bus that ALL the modules in the vehicle (there are dozens!) connect to. If ONE wire was shorted to ground, or a module failed in a way that killed its data bus signal and affected all other modules, a tech could take HOURS to disconnect all modules so they could see if the tech tool could communicate to any of them. So they brought all the wires to two central star connectors, and unplugging a shorting plug at either one will disconnect a large set of modules from each other. Making troubleshooting a lot easier.

So wire your DVD to this shorting plug, and just splice it into any other wire you choose.

It took me hours to find this in the shop manual - it's well hidden in a short section called "Data Link Communications" and if you didn't know ahead of time what the Splice Block was, you might never think to look in that section. Are there ANY other non-GM folks on trailvoy who knew what that was and why?

02-25-2009, 07:00 PM
Hey Roadie, just had a chance to get back to you, I've been up all night putting a 3800 motor in a pontiac! Anyway today it was warm so I got out & tried the info you sent me, & no doubt it worked for the data link, I tried all of them & at first it didnt!! I even took out the radio just to see if there was a good guess as to which one went to the radio, but some how I got stuck on the brown wire in the rear at the bus signals, & it wasnt working, I cant remenber what I was doing, but for some reason I went up to turn the key all the way on & when I returned to the rear seat & the dvd player, it had a couple lights on, from there I played with the dvd & head phones & it worked great, then I moved it & my temp connection came off, I reconnected it & it didnt come back on. :woot: I went to turn the key Off & on again & everything worked fine from that point again! I took it back out as I was only testing it first before I beging the install, so thanks on that part!!!
Now back to the (3) audio wires, where is this connector at, on back of the radio, amp ? Because I have a 24 pin connector on the radio, but I believe only 14 of them are being used & the connector you spoke of seems to only be (12) wires so I'm a little lost on that, also I do not have a rear oem amp nore do I have the wire there, I have already looked. But I do have the amp needed!! with cut wires to connectors a 24 pin & 8 pin? any help on that? thanks sorry so long..

the roadie
02-25-2009, 07:26 PM
Holy run-on sentence, Batman! You make me tired reading that!

Anyway, let me get this straight. You got a NAV and AMP from a rolled-over 2005 TB? All 2004 head units except Bose have built-in amps. And the NAV option didn't show up until 2005. So my shop manual has no information on your exact setup. Sorry.

My 2004 head unit has both a 24 and a 12 pin connector. Your configuration must accept audio inputs from external equipment to the amp, not the head unit. I can't help with that.

Let's see if anybody with a 2005 or newer shop manual, or newer audio schematics from another source, reads this. Were OEM NAV units all BOSE-capable with an external amp, or not?

Is your NAV unit running audio now through the normal speakers using a built-in amp?

02-26-2009, 01:08 AM
Hey Roadie, actually I think it was a rainer, but yes i got the touch screen nav dvd screen & bose amp from the rear, my 2002 envoy had the rds & amp inside the radio, no rear amp! The nav works fine radio works fine, I've been waiting for warm weather to install my 6 ch jl audio amp & subs as the sounds is a little on the low side buy does work ok, but the radio is the same from the 05 to my 02 besides the amp, 1 (24) pin & the other is a (8) pins i think i said before, does your book show or tell any wire colors for the pin outs that you mention?:confused:

02-27-2013, 04:21 PM
is there a way to tie the factory dvd audio directly into the rsa headphone jacks only?

11-30-2016, 11:40 AM
I realize this is an older post, hoping to get some more info from it. I have an 05 Envoy I am looking to do the same. I am adding the touch screen Nav and would like to add the factory overhead DVD as well. And pictures, suggestions, guidance would be greatly appreciated!