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: Viper Responder 350 (3305V) and Xpresslink DB-ALL Install Questions

03-15-2012, 12:18 AM
Here is my setup;
02 Trailblazer LT (w/o Bose w/ OnStar
Viper Responder 350 2-way Alarm (Model #3305V)
--> Not using the remote SmartStart feature (I'm in AZ)
--> Wiring in W2W, not D2D
DEI/Xpresslink DB-ALL
DEI 506T Glass Break Sensor
DEI 508D Motion Detector

Been doing car stereo installs for 17 years. I have 10 years of component level electronics repair experience and I am an electronic engineer by trade; So I know electronics. Its just this is my first car alarm install and some of this documentation is written so vague that it's hard for even me to read. I have read the manuals over and over, read forums, watched how tos, but I am still drawing a blank on some of this. I have installed an alarm on all of my motorcycles with no issues whatsoever... I know they are a bit less complex. But I plan on doing a more in-depth how to taking pictures in hopes to contribute to the site, so I appreciate any help...

These are the wiring diagrams I am going off of: (02 Trailblazer Wiring) (Trailblazer How-To; different alarm) (Additional 02 Trailblazer Wiring) (DBALL wiring how to)

I have posted on and am getting next to no help. I will get a quick answer but nothing worthwhile. I have a working wiring diagram that I am working off here, that I created to keep track of what I need to wire where. That is located here: lE

So here are my issues:

1) I cannot plug in the motion sensor to the 3305V (too much current draw). So I have to piggyback or splice into the blue and green input wiring for the glass break sensor. I would like to keep both the warn away and full trigger for the motion detector if possible. Power will be hardwired to the vehicle. Do I need to diode both sets (total of four wires 1 blue and 1 green for the 506T and 1 blue and 1 green for the 508D)? And what is the orientation; the anode on the alarm side, cathode on the 506T/508D side?

2) Wiring... does my wiring look good? See the Google Docs link above please.

3) On Someone mentioned I should hookup the tailgate to an input. It looks like I have negative inputs open on the Viper brain. Should I wire one (say H1/6 Blue) to the negative side of the tailgate switch? Or are there any other better ways? I am not using a hood pin for this alarm install.

4) Door status output on the DB-ALL... where should I connect this to on the Viper? Or is this needed? Also, if I wire up for the tailgate to trigger the alarm, am I going to have to use the trunk status output on the DB-ALL and what would I connect that too?

5) Ignition, Accessory and starter... do I wire these up to the viper, the viper and the DB-ALL or just the DB-ALL? Are these even needed if I am not using remote start?

6) Thats about it that I can think of. I know it may seem like a lot, but I don't have a lot of "general systems theory" about alarm systems. And this is how I learn, by doing it. So the next one I do on my girls Malibu will be a breeze (will probably go with a different module though, this DB-ALL has been a PITA...)

Again, I appreciate any help anyone can give. And I will pay everyone back with a how-to for the site. It looks that many people have been promised one, but things feel through for them or other circumstances came up so no one ever got around to doing it. So, again, I appreciate any and all help.


03-15-2012, 10:56 AM
Okay, I'll take a shot at answering a few of these. FYI, I haven't used any of the products that you're installing, but I've installed a few remote start/alarm systems myself...

1) If you look at the install manual for the 506T, they show a recommended wiring diagram for your setup w/ the 508D. Basically, the blue and green wires from the 508D get spliced together, and input to one of the 3305V add'l sensor pins (blue or green, doesn't matter, as they both operate the same). The blue signal wire from the 506T is then input to the other add'l sensor pin. No diodes are needed. The Viper unit is just looking for a negative pulse on either add'l sensor circuit to trigger a warn-away (pulse < 0.8 sec) or alarm (pulse > 0.8 sec), so you should be able to get warn-away and alarm with that setup.

3) Seems like you're using the DB-ALL to reduce the amount of splicing into the factory harness (good idea), so I would recommend connecting DB-ALL 4 (Red/Black - Trunk Status Output) to Viper H1/6 (Blue - Instant Trigger Input, Zone 1). Don't let the word "Trunk" throw ya - according to the DB-ALL install manual, 'Entry Monitoring Trunk/Hatch Pin' is supported for Trailvoys via W2W, so I think this'll work. It's a lot easier than running a wire into the liftgate, so you don't have much to lose by trying it, anyway...

4) Connect DB-ALL 3 (Green/White - Door Status Output) to Viper H1/5 (Green - Door Trigger Input, Zone 3).

5) I believe that the ignition circuit is used by both the DB-ALL and Viper 3305V to enable feature programming. The Viper also uses its ignition input to trigger the alarm when armed (zone 5). I don't think accessory and starter circuits are required if you're not hooking up remote start. I'd wire Viper H1/9 (Yellow + Switched Ignition Input Zone 5) and DB-ALL 9 (Pink + Ignition Input) to the PINK (RUN/START) ignition wire in the column.

Good luck...

03-15-2012, 06:53 PM
Thanks for the heads up. I will update my wiring schematics in a bit... about to head to the gym.

I will have to look at the manuals for the 506 and 508 again. I haven't opened the packages on those yet, so maybe they will have different or more up to date manuals than what I have pulled from Google.

Thanks again man, you've been a great help. I was hoping to get to it this weekend, but the work nazi is making me come in on Saturday and Sunday (my two days off). So no working on the Trailblazer and no weekend ride on the bike this weekend. I will put it off until next weekend when I have two days to dedicate to it so I can document everything and my progress. Thanks again man. Its much appreciated.


03-15-2012, 10:24 PM
I took the advice above and updated my wiring. I think I have it down pat. If someone wants to go through my diagram it'd be much appreciated. I plan on taking pics each step of the way and will create a write up to help out others in the future. Anyways, I probably won't install until next weekend and I may pick up another small peizo alarm for the interior so my setup may change.

So if anyone has the time, please look over my updated wiring and let me know what you think! lE

Thanks again guys!