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Originally Posted by 87octane
I just read in one of the driving glove mags that the new vette with the 6 speed auto has to downshift from 6th to 2nd when you floor it and it takes forever. Essentially the same problem we have. So will the 6 speed force GM to deal with the problem? I imagine the caddy drivers will bitch since they get the 6l80 as well.
How about a link to the article? Or if you don't have a link, the name of the publication and the month/issue?

FYI, here are the ratios for the 6L80E:

First: 4.02
Second: 2.36
Third: 1.53
Fourth: 1.15
Fifth: 0.85
Sixth: 0.67

And here is a chart with speed, rpm, etc. with the 6L80E in a TBSS (with the most likely rear end gears, 3.42's).
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