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no crank no start

i have a no crank issue.
to start the battery is good , the starter is good and i have to supply power to the purple signal wire going to the starter or jump the wires 86 to 30 on the starter relay socket in order to start the truck. after reading the schematic on the starting system, when you attempt to start the vehicle, it should receive a ground signal from the pcm(starter enable relay control). i am not getting a signal to that socket on the starter relay. also , the crank fuse should activate as well when attempting to start the vehicle. i am getting nothing there. I am also not getting anything out of the yellow wire on the ignition switch which is going to the crank fuse, which is a good fuse.
Any help will greatly be appreciated because i also have a 06 monte carlo with the same issue and i had to start it with a manual switch
thanks all
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