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My handsome Trailblazer is sick

What happened was yesterday I was driving and things went crazy, my gauges stopped working, the lights were not on the radio was not on then my car slowed down, I pulled into a parking lot where the car died. Someone did come jump my car but even then it was running really rough and eventually died within a matter of 10 minutes.

Currently my car will not turn over unless it's jumped, I bought a new battery to see if it had to do with that it clearly doesn't, I don't think it's the alternator either because once it's jumped it does keep running. It's currently at my mechanics and has been there all day. I was told it will be there tomorrow.

I will note that for some reason the engine was really low on oil like when you take the dipstick out it was dry. Luckily I didn't seize my engine.

I'm just really worried what could be wrong, anyone have any ideas?

We do have a remote starter.

Oh and also just as my car died I had rolled down my window to talk to the guy who jumped me so that's stuck down. I cannot roll up the windows lock the cars with a switch.

Is my cars life over?
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