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Originally Posted by jroden View Post
I have owned dozens of vehicles and have to rate my 06 4wd extended trailblazer as the absolute worst. It came with all seasons and I figured I could maybe just use them, despite my better judgment. What I quickly found was that even the smallest slippery incline required 4wd to climb. I quickly went out and bought 4 Blizzaks and now it works fine.

I cannot imagine using a RWD model in the snow without good tires, a load of weight in the back and a tow chain on the floor
I agree!! I can't even make it across my pasture without using 4LO. My Explorers, Jeeps and so on 2 WD was good. I have a 1987 2 wheel drive Mazda P/U that I can get out with. Same with snow just spins tires in 2
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