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CTS-V rotors drilled to 6x5 bolt pattern?

Hey guys...

I'm looking for big brake ideas for my TB and other than the super expensive SSBC kits I was thinking that if you got a set of CTS-V rotors and re-drilled the bolt pattern to our 6x5 (6x127) pattern that they could possibly work. Does anybody know if this has been tried or not? The rotors are 14" and only cost ~$70 each, so it'd be a very economical solution. Then you would need to make a bracket to space out whatever caliper you chose to run, whether it be the stock ones or possibly CTS-V calipers or a Corvette caliper of some sort (I'm leaning towards C6 Z06 myself).

One thing I'd be concerned about is the parking brake drum in the rear and the hat depth as well
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