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Fender cutting and quickie flares

I needed to take an inch off the rear bottom of my wheel well opening due to the bigger tires, wider stance, and no body lift. Been searching for a year or more for decent fender flares - none on the market wider than an inch or so. I really wanted two inches. Noticed a rubber bolt-on product called Flexy-flares that comes in four styles, about $80 from Autobarn for enough to do all four openings. Cut the fender today and installed the front flares and they're not bad. I thought they would be 2-3 times as lame as they are, and I might keep them on for a while.

Flexy-flare 52-170

Cut complete

Rubber installed

Warning: DO NOT VIEW THIS VIDEO if you are squeamish about cutting into your truck, scratching it in any way, or otherwise are just a mall-cruiser with a museum piece of a pampered poof-baby poodle of a vehicle.

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