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Post 2006 4.2 Trailblazer to 5.3 6L80e

Just bought a 2006 (4x2) TB w/4.2 engine knock...acquired for 5.3 conversion. The 5.3 is a low mileage 2004 that I've had for years. I've installed a 2004 Z06 (308) cam, 4x cam drive and 58x reluctor. The transmission I will use is a 6L80e. I have a set of headers for a late Camaro that I hope will work (any thoughts).

Spent the morning at local U-Pull yard and got the 8 pieces for the factory engine mounts, wire harness, fuse box and few other parts. Hoped to get an a/c hose for the V-8 but it had rear a/c and someone had already cut it. (Near heat exhaustion due to Central Florida heat/humidity.)

This should give me a good starting point w/factory motor mounts and wiring.

Goals of project is for a reliable daily driver with some towing capacity and good fuel economy.
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