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Going through this now with my 04 XUV with 79K miles. Local GMC dealer is replacing tank due to filler check valve service recall good for 15 yrs/150K miles. They are telling me that the pump may also need replacing due to age and corrosion when they remove the tank. (I knew it was leaking from top at pump as well) The service recall for the pump is out as it was only 10 yrs/ 120K miles. Long story short, they tried to get me to pay labor and parts for replacing the pump with a $180 GM contribution as if it was a separate action (paying for labor again). I kept on them, and now they are only making me pay for the pump itself. They wanted $495 + tax just for the pump. I said I will bring my own pump. They fought that, then finally gave in and said ok but they wont warranty it. Who wants your damn warranty anyway??!! Ordering my pump from Rock Auto for $212 and will take it in once my tank is on E. I guess I'm nice like that..........
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