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Brakes Pulsating At Very Low Speeds

Took my 06 LT in for service yesterday to our mechanic for what I figured to be a brake issue.

- At very low speeds usually nearly stopped the brakes will pulse and make noise. Much like ABS is being engaged. It's not always at the same speed but usually this is when it happens.
- No ABS light shows up on the dash during this.
- Peddle becomes slightly mushy during this.

Mechanic says the front rotors are warped, and they are replacing under warranty because I had them changed there not long ago. They call me say it's all set to go. My wife gets into the car and at the very first stop light it does it again and does it all the way home. I jump in and take it around the block and get it to do it a couple times, but then it goes away for a while. Snow is on the ground and at high speeds if I slam on the brakes I can feel the ABS engage but again there is no light on the dash saying so.

Any thoughts on this? ABS light comes on when the ignition is turned on and vehicle goes through it's checks but it doesn't seem to actually be working when it is being engaged during operation.

Said mechanic also replaced pads/rotors on the rear, replaced a windshield washer pump and did an oil change during this service. Pretty upset that when I got the truck back I noticed on the paperwork there was 5.5 quarts of oil used for the change (I know the truck requires 6.9) also the oil change light was not reset. This automatically tells me the mechanic was in a hurry and did not pay much attention to his work. Which is also probably why they went straight to warped rotors for the brake issue.
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