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Tires for Towing

I've got a 2007 TB with the 4.2l six and a 3.4 rear end. I'm using it to tow a Lance 1685 Travel Trailer that weighs ~3600 dry and has a GVW of ~5600. Tongue weight is 346-lb. TB capacity is 5200. I'll most likely be towing a 4500-lb trailer.

The former owner put on a set of Primewell Valera HT's which are relatively cheap Chinese-made passenger tires. I'm looking at new E-rated tires with the 10-ply sidewall. I'm not sure that I need them. How do you determine what load rating you need for towing a trailer of this size? Tire Rack is suggesting a LT rated tire, and they are pricey. Any suggestions? Thanks, Donald
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