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Originally Posted by SailorJay451 View Post
Does this stuff work on bad stains from perhaps dogs or something? I bought my '05 TB with lots of stains on the carpet, most of which I think came from a dog perhaps. I cover them up with rubber floormats but I would like to try taking them out with something. I've been seeing blue coral and tuff stuff. Anyone else have an suggestions?

Go to home depot and get Folex

First vacuum the carpet really good, force the vacuum into the carpet.

Mist Folex on all the carpet, then work in sections. Spray the Folex and use a stiff brush. Agitate the carpet really good, then grab a clean rag and pound on top over the stain. Then roll the rag and scrub the stain with the rag. If you see nasty crap coming off, repeat folix till it comes clean.

If you have dog hair, you can use a lint roller or some kind of tape to lift the hair
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