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Originally Posted by 02EnvoySLE Guy
As cleaner waxes go, it's an ok product. However, since it is intended as a one-step wax, it:

A) Won't give you very long lasting protection (a week or two at best)
Really, I did not know that. I'm glad we have experts on this forum. Thanks for the info Charlie, I'm going to take this wax back tomorrow and get the Deep Crystal Step 1 Cleaner, Step 2 Polish, and NXT Tech Wax tomorrow.

If I'm going to wax it I don't want it to come right off, so I may as well spend the money and do it right the first time.

Originally Posted by 02EnvoySLE Guy
Also what is it about "no need to do just one section at a time" that you like? If all you're wanting to do is apply it to the whole vehicle and then go back and buff, that's really not making a difference anyways.
I just thought it would work better the longer it stayed on the car. I guess I was wrong.

Once again Thanks.
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