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I purchased my vehicle brand new in December of 2002 and never had a problem with it. I ran my A/C for the first time this spring since the temperature was above 90 degrees here in Virginia. The coolest that I could get the interior was 80 degrees. I have a vacuum pump and the necessary gauges with lines to check and charge the system, but I am not very knowledgable on this process. I friend at work told me to simply have the system reclaimed and then run a vacuum, check for leaks and recharge the system. I did just that. I took it in and had the system reclaimed. I ran a vacuum down to 30 Hg vacuum for 15 minutes and then shut the guage tree. The vacuum held indicating that there were no signs of a leak. I put in the R-134a freon and the system was taking it like it should. I placed a thermometer in the center vent in the vehicle. After putting in 5 cans (12 oz. each) into the system, I could only get the temperature out of the center vent to 70 degrees and no colder. It use to go down to 58 degrees. The low side pressure reads 50 psi and the high side reads 210 psi.

What could be the problem? To much freon? Bad compressor? Please help as the temperatures out here are approaching 100 degrees with a thousand percent humidity.

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