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Originally Posted by nitz369 View Post
Okay so are you saying if the compressor never turns on it might not be the compressor that is bad?

1. ECAS Fuse under hood is good
2. Inflator does not work at all (Light never turns on)
3. Back is bottomed out
4. Never hear the compressor run anymore

I have no idea how to check if it is unplugged and not sure how that would happen. Is there any other fuse to check?
So you know the compressor used to run?

BTW, when you click the inflator switch, the bottom part of the switch is what pushes in and makes it go on. Not the top. It's a momentary type switch, you push once for one once for off.

There are several plugs that connect to the compressor, there are three technical bulletins I posted in that other thread. There is troubleshooting info in pt2, I think. Connect a wire from here to there, and the compressor starts.

Since you can't replace that compressor without unscrewing the two bolts and lowering it down you might as well just unscrew the two bolts and check it out. The problem may be obvious at that point.
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