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FAQ Update

re: 250 order requirement per vehicle (via Mudwheelin

This was determined to offer the substantial Group Buy discount price. Given the level of enthusiasm we received and how this is going to be the only way to get a Fender Flare from Bushwacker, we're hoping there will be enough of you to push this through. Keep in mind that if this goes through you're likely to see more interest from other custom accessory manufacturers too.

Those of you that really want this flare, please speak up and help drum support on the forum. We're done our best to offer a special group price based on all the requests we received. We've also split the cost so you don't have to pay for it all at once. Hopefully that helps with the short survey and down payment window, we want to get this flare to you in the shortest timeline possible.

re: Existing sheet metal trimming in the front effecting installation (via Kuchar09

Based on feedback from the survey, we may require sheet metal trimming for installation. We can't say for sure at this point but from your picture you should be ok.

re: Perhaps it would benefit you to offer some kind of club discount on regularly stocked items. (via MrSmithsTB

All of our Fender Flares are designed to custom fit the vehicle they are designed for. There are no regularly stocked Fender Flares that will fit, sorry. We looked into this at the beginning.

re: Are the fenders on our trucks so much different that we can't use one set on either truck? (NC_IslandRunner

In our research we got the CAD data from GM and compared the Trailblazer sheet metal to the Envoy. There are enough changes in the sheet metal that prevent one flare fitting both vehicles. This is unfortunate, we were very hopeful that one flare would fit both. We tried from the beginning to eliminate as many road blocks as possible.