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Originally Posted by billdaman View Post
This is everything I have been able to assemble that will detail the parts involved and the analysis you may need to do to fix it. Likely just a 17 $ pressure switch (look at the swing gate one ..pull it off its a rusted pain but when u put the new one on it will probibily fix it. Look at dirty latches. Read the TSBs look at the elec and parts diagrams and good luck. PM me if u need more info. Enjoy its our punishment for loving the XUV

Thanks for those images. We just got an XUV about 3 weeks ago. The swing out doesn't work. I've been searching for answers but haven't found any. Yet.

I've taken the touch switch apart and cleaned it up but that didn't help. I"m hoping I can find something in those images that might point me in the right direction.

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