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Which Cylinder Heads Came On Your TBSS

The Corvette forum was jumping today because one of us discovered that their LS2 with a build date of 10/2006 actually came with the Cylinder Heads coded #799, and not the standard #243 (casting number). This caused a big issue today because nobody can figure out why GM put different heads on a small batch of LS2's and then went back to the #243, and we don't know if there is any difference.

So, I checked my TBSS today, and really oddly, my TBSS has a #799 cylinder head on the passenger side, and a #243 cylinder head on the drivers side. The coding or Casting number is near the backside of the head on the passenger side if it's a 799, it would be near the front of the head on the passenger side if it's a 243. The reverse order for the drivers side. With a flashlight you can see both on our TBSS's pretty easily. Of all the confusion, I was the only LS2 that had one of each. I'm wondering if you all could take a look at yours and see which heads you have. The only 799's we have seen on the Corvette forum had build dates of 9/2006 and 10/2006. I'll try to get a link to what the discussion is. Of all the research they have done so far, the 799's were not meant for the LS2, but we haven't heard the results yet.
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