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Old 09-27-2006, 07:15 PM
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2002 Olds Bravada
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Exclamation Automotive Thrill Stories from Driver's Ed

Alright, for those guys that asked for another good story, here's one

I used to write daily event journals back in high school for my literature class online. After a few posts, it grew to have a little over 2000 viewers, here's one of the best stories. Probably because it states one of the MANY times where I almost killed myself trying to show off. (Going airborne @100mph is NO FUN)

There's not Trailvoy in it, but here's some of the stats....

My car: 2001 Pontiac Grand Am GT coupe (referred to as "Athena")
Mods: Milzymotorsports stage one engine upgrade (higher lift cams, LS1 valve springs, ported upper and lower intake manifolds, stock exhaust, DHP performance PCM.)

So there I was....on Christmas Eve driving down Colerain Avenue minding my business (and actually driving like a normal person for once) when I spot a little black car worming its way around in the traffic behind me. Trying not to crash myself, I just periodically glance into the rearview mirror and watch as the car gets closer and closer to me. When it gets about three cars behind me, I can finally identify it as possibly an 05' Acura RSX-S. I smiled when I realized that it's driver was in a playful mood, and Athena was travelling right at around 34mph, which was the WOT first gear kick down point.
The Acura's four cylinder could be hear now through my open windows and moonroof (it was about 60 degrees that day), and it was stick shift i could tell by the way it would buck back and forth on its clutch as the driver perfectly matched the up and down-shifts. This dude was pretty good, I said to myself and prodded my gas pedal everytime the car attempted to overtake me. Athena would snap into first gear and rocket up to the car in front of me, which didn't allow enough time or space for the RSX to work up some speed and pass. (Lesson to those who don't know much about little Honda four bangers.......They don't make much torque at all, unlike the LA1 V-6 in my car, so they have to rely on close-ratio gears and high rpm so they can use their fancy "VTEC" magic to actually go somewhere with some haste. At this low speed, the LA1 used its torque more than its actual horsepower to play around and keep the RSX, which is the faster car, behind it in the traffic). The Acura driver's attemps to motor past me were cut short everytime I'd see the car buck down when the clutch was released and tried to come up next to me. I would just mat the throttle, kick down a gear, and send my LA1 flyin to its torque peak.
The car had some reeeaaaally dark tinted windows and I couldn't see inside until about the fourth time it had tried to come up next to me, when the driver's side window rolled down. The driver had suprised the hell outta me......
Now don't get me wrong, I'm by no means a sexist because I LOVE women, but this driver, who was matching rev's and heal-and-toe downshifting, was quite possibly one of the most beatiful female human beings on this earth. She and hot little friend both glared over at me with these little evil smirks on thier faces.....I was astounded.
Then I heard the little K20A four banger suddenly buzz up and smack a computer-limited rev wall and fall back down before it hit it about four more times again. I was still astounded and I said in my mind, "That girl just revved at me...". Now I would rev the LA1, seeing as how it would actually go to redline because it was moving and not just bounce off the 4,000rpm fuel cut in park, but without any significant intake or exhaust work done, it would've sounded pitiful. Bless the little V-6's heart, but GM had dulled its pushrod cry that I loved (aka, the L82 in my old GP) to an athsmatic cry that sounded more like a Camry than a sport coupe. To save myself some embarrasment, I pushed the "ETS" button, smiled back and flat footed the throttle again.
Athena kicked down and did exactly what I hoped she would do (but I hate it at times...more on that in a minute), the front tires spun without the electronic nanny cutting the timing and bogging me down. They spooled enough to generate visible contrails of smoke and the girls seemed to like the show as they smiled from ear to ear. She revved the KA20 to 8 grand and dumped the clutch, spinning her front wheels too and sending the Ferrari-like sounds of the engine echoing through my ears......Uh oh....I thought as I saw the light before Walmart turn red. The traffic in front of us barreled through the intersection and i slammed on my brakes to stop short, as well did the girls in the Acura next to me.....Oh ****...I mumbled....
I heard her rev again with a sound that reverbed a little like this...."varrrooooooom---smack----varroooooom---smack"......It was time for dip mode. ETS was already off, so I just yanked the shifter back into the "1" slot and prepared for the manual override that allowed me to run my fastest time at Edgewater in October. Then I went over the steps for the launch in my head......"Now left foot on brake, right foot ease down on the gas....wait for the yellow, count to two and go.."......The girl beside me had the same plan as she held her rpm steady at about 5 grand and prepared to come off the clutch when the light turned green.
I looked around franctically, no cops (sorry I know have a phobia of police lol).....No traffic for at least 500 feet in front of us......We were clear.
The traffic that was turning out of Walmart ceased when I noticed that thier light was red. I put more pressure on the gas pedal, and then our light turned green.....
The Acura got the jump when she suddenly came off the clutch, but her rpm had fallen too low while her foot probably grew tired of holding them at the light, and the K20A bogged down considerably before it began to start breathing again. Meanwhile, I had flat footed my gas pedal, and the front wheels were just-spinnin' for about two seconds before they hooked into the pavement and the LA1 began to rev up. I looked down at my speedometer......25mph.......30......35.....40.... ..*tachometer*.....3500rpm.....4500.....5000..
...5800 and "---upshift---!!"
I popped the shifter into the "2" slot and kept my foot on the floor. I looked over and the Acura was about a foot or so back behind my passenger side window. She had gotten down with first gear a long while ago around 30mph, and began to inch up as that damn VTEC kicked in on the K20A (****in Honda's). She got right up window to window with me when the last light before Colerain turns into SR-27 (my favorite strech of high speed road) turned red. We both screached to a stop. I repeated my launching steps and grabbed the shifter back into "1" and looked over at them.
"I'll get a better launch next time sweet cakes!" the driver shouted as her passenger laughed. "What is that? A 3.8?"
I was suprised at her knowledge of the cars.
"No, it's a 3.4 LA1....." I shouted back.
"Oh...200hp right?"
"195....but close enough!" I laughed. She did too.
"Give it your all at this light sweet cakes!" She nodded forward and turned to face 127. I did too.......Here was the part when I would loose.
Once more the traffic from Walmart stopped and our light turned green again.....

Unfortunately... the website says the whole story was too long.... Part two is posted too....
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Old 09-27-2006, 07:17 PM
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TrailVoy Alumni
2002 Olds Bravada
Red Jewel Tintcoat 4.2L I6 AWD
Join Date: Sep 2006
Location: Cincinnati, Ohio
Posts: 2,819
Exclamation Part two of the story below....written by the guy who wrote (TBSS SAVIOR)

Part Two

.....It was the usual front wheel spinnage from Athena, with the steering wheel squirming around, then the "hook up" and I was off. The girl did in fact get a better launch this time, but was still behind my door as she waited for the VTEC crossover to occur when she would get some real power.....And it happend.
What sounded to me like a Ferrari 360 Modena hitting its redline, stopped when she clutched and made a forceful "powershift" into second gear. There was no grinding from the syncromesh in her tranny and no clutch smoke, just the chirp of her front tires, and the image of that little black coupe sliding in front of me. It was funny as matter of fact, seeing how much distance she gained from that first-to-second power shift as her rear windows popped into view. I looked down at my speedometer......45mph.....50mph......60mph.......
The first shift that she got right was a lucky draw, and she probably felt like she couldn't do it again without screwing up her race with me, so she did the normal "lift off--shift--back on" technique that was best for her new tranny. In this pause in her acceleration, Athena manage to power back up to her door again, and I looked over.
The girl had a look of determination on her face when she realized that this litle squirmish was gonna be harder than she thought. She did manage to put on a cute little smile between her second and third gears, and so did her companion in the passenger seat. I smiled back and kept my foot on the floor....
By now she had pulled off slightly again. I knew she would because I knew that a well driven RSX-S would run quicker than my [email protected] just wanted to see this hot girl go.....but Athena had other plans....
As long as I kept the shift overrides clean with no bouncing off the limiter, the Pontiac was never more than a half car behind her and when the first long radius left hand turn on SR-27 came up, I could tell who had more confidence in thier car.
I would've thought that the RSX could've out-maneuvered me but i remember that the Blistein performance struts and sticky Kumho ECSTA's I had put on Athena closed that gap quickly.......
The little white Pontiac wormed it way up to her again as we careened around the turn. It was pretty exhilerating in fact because both cars were still gaining speed, and the G forces that wanted to throw us out of our seats had to be fought of by us bracing against our steering wheels. I was suprised when the wail of the K20A got louder as I passed her hood. I saw the back end of the RSX figted a little as she probably hit some gravel when she ran off a little into the embankment. She feel back about a car length, but kept on chuggin along behind me.
I remember not being able to take my eyes away from the passenger side rear view mirror as I observed her curly blonde hair flying around in the wind. There was very little traffic down this way and the road was straight and level for at least six miles (which is why I loved it)......And we both felt pretty safe because if any police spotted us going this fast, all you had to do was keep your throttle matted down, take a random exit, and start making a series of blind turns.
Anyways, the LA1, with its pushrods flyin around in the engine was trying its best to shove the outside air into its cylinders, but the K20A Honda was simply more efficient at doing this with its DOHC heads and VTEC valve crossover. The little thing was steamin along behind me at about 7500 rpm, and she was slowly gaining again as the road turned straight. After a few seconds, she was finally back up beside me, and we spotted our first round of traffic....
A minivan, possibly moving at about 70mph (the speed limit) was in her lane and it was coming fast. She came down her brakes and cut over right behind me and we whizzed past that van with a sound reminicent of those out of "Fast and Furious". WHHHOOOOOSH!!!
I had to laugh when I head the honking of the van's horn as we left it eating our dust....The Acura moved back into the other lane and power up once again....slowly gaining ground on me in the rear view. I hadn't looked at my speedometer in at least a minute or so, and judging by those little lines that divided the lanes, we were both haulin some serious ass.
I didnt have enough time to look when a broud semi trailer that was carrying a load of Honda's (how came up and cut into my lane. I saw a look of suprise on the blonde Acura driver's face, and because she was beside me by now, I couldn't use her lane to avoid I instantly grew some larger balls and swerved into the embankment....and here's the interesting part.
You know those little U-Turn section in highways that the police normally use when they're trying to get someone? Well my left tires had gone off the concrete and found nothing but grass until I suddenly hit the concrete U-Turn section. The slab of concrete was raised about a half inch off the grass, and at well over 100mph (which I know we were doing, judging by how long my foot was on the floor), when my wheels hit it....i heard a big thud and suddenly my body was floating around in my seat.
Had I just killed myself? I thought quickly as I still held onto the steering wheel. Nope...instead I saw the bewildered looks of the Acura girls BELOW me as their eyes followed my car. Apparently that little slab had sent my car flying airborne with maybe a foot or so of air below my tires.....and it landed rather abruptly but in a controllabe manner.
I was still right beside the Acura, and I could see the girls mouthing, "hooooly ****!" as Athena steadied her path along the road. It took me a moment to think about whether or not i had pissed on myself, but then my ego said, "you're one helluva driver man!".
I smiled and matted my foot again.........Now the traffic was clear for about a mile and I finally had enough time to peer down at my speedometer.
It read a clear 133mph and the little needle slowly inched over to higher markers on the dial...."Wow..." I muttured.
I continued until she was about a car ahead and both coupes began to choke off of their speed limiters.
"Maximum allowable speed" my information center read again. "Power limited"..."Hot engine oil"...."Service engine soon"
142mph........I flashed my lights and signaled that that was all my car had......I figured from the way things were lighting up on the dashboard, Athena was preparing to self destruct and i didn't blame her......The little white GA was pummling along at about 5400rpm and it was apparently putting alot of strain on the engine.........The girl stuck her hand out the window and acknowledged with a thumbs up.
We flew onwards at these outlandish speeds for another two miles or so, hitting the actual highway and eventually flying through Ross. Once we reached dense residentaly areas our speed feel to around 55mph and we eventually stopped at a red light.
"Damn man!....You sure how ta' drive that little thang sweet cakes!" the girl said. Her friend held up a peice of paper with two ten digit numbers on it. I grabbed my phone and entered them quicky before the light changed again. And I nodded when I had entered them in.
"Same to you! I've never seen that kinda shifting and driving coming from someone as gorgeous as you are!" I shouted back in stupidity. She blushed and replied.
"Why thank ya! How about you give us a call next time ya wanna have some fun?"
".......SURE THING!!!"
They both laughed and said,
"You better call us!"
The light turned green and they made a left onto a residental road.....I continued going straight......I still remember them waving and giggling as they drove off.
Still being the show off that I am, I spun my front tires from the stop again, and she revved the KA20 and dumped the clutch in response. I had to laugh and shake my head.....

What a Christmas present eh? Two hot girls....and one blonde that can actually DRIVE!!!

If that only happened everyday...

*we call it......GM........bitches*
03' GA-GT----Athena
96' GP-SE-----Aphrodite

--Bryan.....December 24, 2005


Well there it is.... Written on 12/24/05 right when I got home... Yes gentlemen, this is a TRUE story..
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Old 09-27-2006, 07:38 PM
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wow that's long... I'll read it later
Gas so damn High I get an attitude when somebody ask me for a ride
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Old 09-27-2006, 07:43 PM
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Good Story!
~Zack~06 TBSS-LT Base-Westers/Tune Time Tune-CAI-Headers-Soon-Exhaust-Resonator delete
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Old 09-27-2006, 07:47 PM
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Originally Posted by Sport_truck View Post
wow that's long... I'll read it later too..all brain power has to go towards homework for the time being...
Ex-TrailVoy'er, Current S10'er.

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Old 09-27-2006, 08:29 PM
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You never said if you called them.

Finish the story ! We are NOT all about cars here. Well mostly but...
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Old 09-27-2006, 08:49 PM
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Nice! Fcuk i gotta go and study some more now.
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Old 09-27-2006, 08:56 PM
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Awe man, the story's over already?!!? Awesome story dude! Well, did you call them? You can't just keep us hanging onto our seats without a good ending...
Horsepower is how fast you hit a wall, Torque is how far you take the wall with you

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Old 09-27-2006, 09:12 PM
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He left us on our appetite
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Old 09-27-2006, 09:16 PM
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Very good story man.

Still have Athena?

Seems like a pretty good match, your Bravy would hit the limiter much earlier than 142.
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